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Shahrazad: Stories unfurl for 1 or 2 players

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Author: Ogasawara, Yu

Brand: Board Games Osprey

Edition: Gmc Crds

Publisher: Osprey

Release Date: 23-05-2017

Details: Product Description Number of Players: 1-2Ages: 8+Playing time: 10-20 minutesComponents: 22 oversized story tiles, 2 scoring tiles A solo and cooperative tile-laying game. Players will help Shahrazad tell stories to pass another night by playing tiles featuring unique takes on iconic fairy-tales to construct the best story. Each turn players will play a single tile, then draw a tile, building a folk-tale tableau. With 24 oversized, fully illustrated tiles in a deluxe package Shahrazad is a beautiful gift package for couples, or parents and children. Placing certain story types together will grant players more points, but telling a story in the wrong order will drastically limit their options. Review "I would recommend this one. It's nice and relaxing . . . the kind of game you're going to be able to play after work to disengage a little bit." - Zee Garcia, The Dice Tower "Shahrazad is an interesting challenge as a solitaire game, with enough randomness to stymie a perfect solution yet enough control that skill will win out more often then not. The urge to 'beat your last score' is strong, particularly as getting a perfect store would require an unlikely combination of skill and luck together. It's even better as a two-player cooperative, requiring the smarts of the solo version plus strong communication skills. 4 out of 5 stars." - William Niebling, ICv2 ". . . addictive and a lot of fun." - theMCGuiRE review "Shahrazad's redeeming personality consists of this revealing of layers over time. You will grow in skill and new depths of play will emerge. You will hit new high scores and your grasp of strategic concepts will blossom like a spring rose." - Charlie Theel, Geek & Sundry "I had far more fun playing this than I could have imagined, and this will continue to hit the table for me after this review." - David Wiley, Cardboard Clash "I really like Shahrazad. It's simple, easy to understand and quick to play, particularly the solo game. It's going to be a keeper for us." - Dave Taylor, Go Fatherhood "Featuring gorgeous artwork by Kotori Neiko, Shahrazad takes some very simple mechanics around tile placement and creates a tricky puzzle where finishing the game isn't difficult but scoring well is." - Keith Law, Paste Magazine ". . . a nice little solo/two player co-op game that's fun to play with enchanting illustrations." - Robin Brooks, Agents of Sigmar "I like the fact that you can play solo. So if you have a lonely lunch and it's just you you can pull this out and play." - The Dice Tower's "Board Game Breakfast" "Highly recommended for abstract game enthusiasts and strategists of all ages." - Timothy Connolly, Multiverse "If you enjoy solitaire games, you definitely want to get Shahrazad. If you're looking for a shorter two-player cooperative game, chances are you'll love having this one in your collection. I'll also add that you should get this [if] you collect beautiful board games because this one definitely fits in that category, as well." - Ronny Alexander, Co-op Board Games "Amazing artwork! Looks great. Feels great." - Ding & Dent "Shahrazad is one of those games that you could comfortably purchase for a seasoned gamer friend, or even an older relative who may not have discovered the glory of modern gaming. In either case, you will have made a wise choice, as I believe that easy-to-learn, quick-playing, and 'thinky' games such as this appeal to a much wider audience as much as they do to me." - Scott Bogen, The Board Game Show "A nice little solo/two player co-op game that's fun to play with enchanting illustrations. GeekDad approved!" - Robin Brooks, GeekDad "Shahrazad's simple rules can be learned in just a few minutes, making it accessible to all but the smallest of children, but the game offers enough strategy to entertain any adult." - Matt Staggs, Unbound Worlds ". . . for younger gamers this is s a great game to get to the table. Definitely get this one out." - Rolling Dice & Taking Names "This is a perfect date night game or couples game." - Dukes of Dice "Shahrazad is a beautifully produced puzzle with simple mechanisms, gorgeous art, and an accessible theme. It plays and teaches quickly. Rounds move progressively quicker and don't tend to stall." - John Pappas, Board in the Library "It's fun. It's nice and quick and easy. The tiles are really cool to look at. I like the artwork." - Board Gamers Anonymous ". . . addictive and a lot of fun." - theMCGuiRE review About the Author Born in 1982, Yuo is a freelance game researcher living in Osaka, Japan. Tired of digitization after 8 years in the IT industry, Yuo is now a full-time board game designer. Kotori Neiko is a freelance illustrator living in Osaka Japan. She loves wild birds, printings, and board games. In July of 2012 she won the ARCPHILIA Prize at the SAKURA Exhibition 2012.

EAN: 9781472823052

Languages: English

Binding: Game

Item Condition: New