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Mount Rushmore Board Game

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Brand: Board And Dice

Publisher: Strawberry Studio

Details: Go on a trip to see one of the most iconic monuments of the United States of America and challenge your friends to a mind-bending game of keen eye and swift reflexes! Can you spot two identical versions of Mount Rushmore? Can you be the first to correctly point to it? Sit down to a game of Mount Rushmore - and find out! Mount Rushmore is a game for 2 - 10 quick and perceptive players, perfectly suited for families! Play each game in no more than 20 minutes. Set your own difficulty level, starting from Basic! Play a wild party game with up to 9 players - or with as many as you can fit around your table! Raise the difficulty level as you become masters of perception and speed! Play within minutes from opening the box! Mount Rushmore is a simple but engaging game that plays in a flash but can offer hours of fun at family gatherings and parties!

EAN: 6425453000805

Package Dimensions: 7.8 x 5.3 x 2.4 inches

Binding: Toy

Item Condition: New