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LEGO 52372 Batman Staticker Wall Sticker, Mehrere Farben

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Brand: LEGO

Color: Mehrere Farben

Edition: Batman


  • ▶ Ideal for all Lego lovers ▶ Presented figures from the latest movie: LEGO MOVIE 2
  • ▶ Promotes creativity and imagination ▶ Movable assembly for a wall or window
  • Self-adhesive and reusable. Sticks to the surface due to electrostatic properties.
  • ▶ Perfect for children's rooms ▶ Easy to attach to the wall, window, wood and metal
  • ▶ Contains no adhesive layer ▶ For children over 6 years ▶ PVC / BPA-free

Publisher: LEGO

Release Date: 01-04-2019

Details: Statics are movable puzzles on the wall, window, wood and metal. Thanks to the electrostatic
Properties of the material from which they were made adhere firmly.
They have no adhesive layer so they can be easily moved over a window or wall.
to arrange scenes without affecting the surface and elements of the puzzle.

Staticists leave no traces, they make fun for children and take care of the parents' order.
All designs by statics refer to the hottest movie premiere of 2019, The LEGO Movie 2.
Do not hesitate, let your child decorate the room with the characters from the film, and think
Make sure that statics are now an unrestricted element in any LEGO fan's room.

Model: Staticker LEGO Batman
Catalogue number: 52372.
Product size: 337 x 523 mm.
Age: from 6 years.

EAN: 4895028523725

Package Dimensions: 13.6 x 9.0 x 0.3 inches

Item Condition: New