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Judge Dredd the Cursed Earth (Game)

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Author: Sylvester, Peer

Edition: Brdgm

Publisher: Osprey Games

Release Date: 21-02-2019

Details: Product description Number of players: 1-4Age: 14+Time: 30-50 minutesComponents: 50+ oversized cards, tokens & counters For years he's been the law in Mega City One, but now it's time for Judge Dredd to bring justice to the rest of America. It's time for him to venture into the Cursed Earth. Featuring competitive, co-operative and solo player modes and specially commissioned artwork from Dredd artists Rufus Dayglo and Dan Cornwell, Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth is an immersive sci-fi western in which players must lead a team of judges against dinosaurs, mutants, and the Cursed Earth itself to hunt down a dangerous man who has fled the city, before a gang of criminals can get to him first. As they scour the wastelands, the team will encounter a host of classic 2000 AD characters that will push their resources and abilities to their limits. Fans of The Lost Expedition will find entirely new cards and new mechanics like radiation tracking and psychic abilities, while fans of Judge Dredd will find a new interactive story developed alongside 2000 AD. On an impossible journey through radioactive hell, can even the judges survive the Cursed Earth? Review "Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth, themed after 2000 AD's notorious arm of the law, remains just as punishing and visually breathtaking, swapping lush plant life and colourful creatures for brilliant comic-book artwork from Dredd artists Rufus Dayglo and Dan Cornwell, showcased magnificently on oversized cards." --Table Top Gaming Magazine Book Description A card-based survival game bringing the mechanics from the best-selling game The Lost Expedition to the iconic world of Judge Dredd. About the Author Peer Sylvester started his career in boardgaming quite early, because his dad needed an opponent in chess. In third grade he wanted to become a professional chess player. Instead he turned out to become a teacher for math and chemistry. An award-winning board-game designer, he has written a number of books on the subject.

EAN: 9781472830661

Languages: English

Binding: Game

Item Condition: New